Dutch Chocolate Becomes Essential Fuel For Athletes in the 370-Mile Expedition Ozark Race

In the heart of the Arkansas backwoods, where the Ozark Mountains tower and the wilderness sprawls, adventurers from across the globe gathered for the ultimate test of endurance: the Expedition Ozark Race. This multi-day event wasn’t just a race; it was a journey into the unknown, where competitors faced not only physical challenges but also mental and emotional hurdles that tested their grit and determination.

Spanning a grueling 370 miles (yes, you read that correctly!), the Expedition Ozark Race took participants on a whirlwind tour of the Ozarks, navigating dense forests, rocky cliffs, and paddling across whitewater rivers. The race was divided into three phases, including 210 miles of biking, 80 miles of trekking, and 80 miles of paddling – each presenting a unique set of challenges and all demanding unwavering focus and unparalleled stamina.

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