Borden Fact Sheet

Borden Fact Sheet

Year founded: 1857

Founder: Gail Borden

Notable Achievements:

Borden founder, Gail Borden, received the first patent for his process of condensing milk by vacuum in 1856.
Borden pioneered the use of glass milk bottles in 1885.
In 1966, Borden became the first U.S. dairy producer to the use the U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Shield.

Ownership: Capitol Peak Partners and KKR

CEO: Ed Fugger

Industry association affiliations: International Dairy Foods Association, MilkPEP, International Dairy Deli Bakery Association

Mascot: Elsie the Cow

Number of employees: 3,300

Locations of plants & branches:  

Borden has 14 plants:
Dothan, AL
Decatur, GA
Lafayette, LA
Cleveland, OH
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Conroe, TX
Miami, FL
Winter Haven, FL
London, KY
Hattiesburg, MS
North Charleston, SC
DePere, WI
Chemung, IL

In addition to the plants, Borden operates 91 branches.

Products Sold:

Milk: 11 products
Cream: 4 products
Buttermilk: 4 products
Dips & sour cream: 7 products (including cottage cheese and aerosol whipped cream)
Juices, teas, and flavored drinks: 12 products
Seasonal: 2 products

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Gallons Produced Annually: 350 million

Schools served: 9,000

Transportation Routes: 1,100

Founder Namesakes:
Gail Borden Public Library District – Elgin, Illinois
Borden County, Texas
Gail, Texas (county seat of Borden County)
Borden, Texas (in Colorado County)
Gail Mountain, located on the edge of the town of Gail, Texas
“Gail Borden” hybrid tea rose (according to the National Gardening Association)

Fun Facts:

In 1936, a live cow named Elsie made her debut as the company’s official spokescow at the New York World’s Fair.
Borden produces enough milk for every child in the U.S. to drink 70.4 glasses of milk a year.