Borden Fact Sheet

Borden Fact Sheet

Year founded: 1857

Founder: Gail Borden

Notable Achievements:

  • Borden founder, Gail Borden, received the first patent for his process of condensing milk by vacuum in 1856.
  • Borden pioneered the use of glass milk bottles in 1885.In 1966, Borden became the first U.S. dairy producer to the use the U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Shield.

Ownership: Capitol Peak Partners

CEO: Ed Fugger

Industry association affiliations: International Dairy Foods Association, MilkPEP, International Dairy Deli Bakery Association

Mascot: Elsie the Cow

Number of employees: 1,700

Locations of plants & branches:  

Borden has 4 milk plants + 1 sour cream plant:

Milk Plants:

  • Lafayette, LA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Winter Haven, FL
  • London, KY

Sour Cream Plant: DePere, WI

Products Sold:

  • Milk: 11 products
  • Cream: 4 products
  • Buttermilk: 4 products
  • Dips & sour cream: 7 products (including cottage cheese and aerosol whipped cream)
  • Juices, teas, and flavored drinks: 12 products
  • Seasonal: 2 products

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Gallons Produced Annually: 350 million

Founder Namesakes:

  • Gail Borden Public Library District – Elgin, Illinois
  • Borden County, Texas
  • Gail, Texas (county seat of Borden County)
  • Borden, Texas (in Colorado County)
  • Gail Mountain, located on the edge of the town of Gail, Texas
  • “Gail Borden” hybrid tea rose (according to the National Gardening Association)

Fun Facts:

In 1936, a live cow named Elsie made her debut as the company’s official spokescow at the New York World’s Fair.