About Borden
Here, you'll learn about our rich history, find (and submit) interesting Memorabilia, and show your love for America's most beloved dairy mascot with Elsie's Merchandise!
Borden Memorabilia

Throughout our 150+ year history, we’ve accumulated many little pieces of history along the way. See our ever-growing collection here!

Meet Elsie

Elsie originally made her debut as a cartoon in 1936, and has been the beloved spokescow for Borden ever since. Read more about her fascinating history here.


Borden’s rich history dates back to the 1850s when Gail Borden revolutionized the dairy industry forever with his unique method of condensing milk.

About Gail Borden

Gail Borden was an American innovator whose life comprised many extraordinary chapters. Read more about his lasting legacy and his unique success story here.