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17 Jun 2020

Borden Dairy donated 1,000 gallons of milk to the Salvation Army of Jackson, MS as part of the USDA’s Famers to Families Food Box Program.

10 Jun 2020
Associated Press

America’s Black Belt, home to some of America’s poorest communities, is facing complicated challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. Area food banks have relied on companies like Borden Dairy to provide critical assistance.

4 Jun 2020

The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama gave away 4,320 gallons of milk donated by Borden Dairy to support families impacted by COVID-19.

31 May 2020
Dallas Morning News

Borden Dairy CEO Tony Sarsam penned a letter to his daughter encouraging her generation to reflect on the accomplishments of graduates of the Great Depression as a roadmap for how to succeed during the pandemic.

26 May 2020
Dallas Morning News

In its infancy during the Civil War, Borden Dairy was awarded a government contract to supply the Union Army with canned milk, which positioned the company for long-term success. Borden will again weather the challenges of a crisis thanks, in large part, to a $147 million USDA contract to supply nonprofits with fluid milk for COVID-19 relief.

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