It’s National Chocolate Milk Day! Ever wondered what makes Borden’s Dutch Chocolate Milk so special?

A snapshot from one of Borden’s first TV ads promoting Dutch Chocolate Milk

It’s National Chocolate Milk Day, and here at Borden Dairy, that’s marks a very special and prideful day.

While Americans have always loved their milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products, one product seems to have surpassed them all. That product, the subject of a national “cult-like” following, is Borden Dairy’s Dutch Chocolate Milk. Dubbed by many as the World’s Best Chocolate Milk, Borden’s Dutch Chocolate Milk has been an American favorite for decades. Almost immediately following its initial release and promotion, the Dutch Chocolate Milk catapulted to the top of Borden’s most popular products, and in many ways, took on a life of its own, as it entered into legendary status in the world of dairy.

The source of this obsession dates back to the mid-1900s, when Borden released and started marketing their Dutch Chocolate Milk. Borden promoted the product as a tasty treat to be enjoyed cold, straight from the carton, or warm, heated on stovetop. Although the secret recipe that makes this milk so special has never been disclosed, we do know that Borden employed a special strategy from the beginning to differentiate this product from other chocolate milk offerings–the use of “Dutch” cocoa powder. “Dutched” cocoa has become a beloved ingredient from its use in many popular American desserts, and the special taste actually comes from the non-acidic potassium carbonate solution used to wash the cocoa powder. The smoother, more mellow flavor is also found in the cocoa contained in Oreo cookies, another beloved American treat.

Fast forward almost 75 years, and it becomes clear that America’s obsession with Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk goes far beyond a typical adoration for dairy products. Social media consistently buzzes with sentiments of appreciation for the milk, and inquiries regarding the availability of the milk and locations in which it’s sold are among the most common questions fielded by Borden’s employees. Whether it’s the “dutching” process, or a secret ingredient that has yet to be revealed, dairy lovers seem to agree on some special quality that makes Borden’s Dutch Chocolate Milk the World’s Best Chocolate Milk.