Elsie The Cow = Bovine Royalty

It’s no secret that Elsie The Cow is one of the most beloved and recognizable mascots in the United States, if not the world! Her image appeared in 107 countries and was responsible for millions of dollars of sales of war bonds during World War II. That’s right, Elsie is a proud patriot!

Elsie has received a lot of commendations in her long tenure as the official mascot of Borden Dairy Company: 

  • Elsie was voted one of the top 10 icons of all time by Advertising Age magazine
  • Marketing surveys in the 1940s determined that a stunning 98% of the American public recognized Elsie
  • A poll ran in the early 1950s found that Elsie was more recognizable than Robert Taft, a presidential candidate at the time!

In recognition of her once-in-an-era academic prowess, Elsie has also been bestowed honorary university degrees, including:

  • Doctor of Bovinity
  • Doctor of Human Kindness
  • Doctor of Ecownomics

There’s no doubt that Elsie is a one-of-a-kind cow–bovine royalty, in fact–and deserves all of the love and attention she’s been given for the past ~80 years. And because of your support, Elsie lives on to this day! She even has her own fashion line…shall we call it “cow chic?”