Stay #HealthyWithElsie with Elsie’s Homemade Vegetarian Gyros

Over the past years, the importance of proper diet as a method of disease prevention and lifestyle improvement has become increasingly widespread, and to us, nothing is more important than maintaining the health and well-being of those who enjoy our products. That’s why we’ve begun the rollout of a new category of recipes; recipes that allow you to stay #HealthyWithElsie.

Our latest introduction to the #HealthyWithElsie lineup is a perfect option for everyone — kids, adults, meat-eaters, vegetarians — anybody looking for a delicious, nutritious, quick option (that’s right, you can prepare this recipe in only 10 minutes!).

Elsie’s Homemade Vegetarian Gyros combine whole wheat tortillas, a smattering of vegetables and spices, and Borden Fat Free Cottage Cheese to provide texture and flavor. The light, refreshing taste and fresh ingredients make this the perfect quick lunch or even appetizer.

Head over to our Recipes section to check out the full recipe, along with the other #HealthyWithElsie recipes, and enjoy Borden’s products in the healthiest way possible!