#ThrowbackThursday: “Meet Elsie” Poster & A Borden Family Legend

Every #ThrowbackThursday, we feature a unique item of memorabilia submitted by one of Elsie’s many loyal fans. This week’s submission is particularly touching, and we at Borden could not be more thankful. Andrea B., a Borden-drinker from Orange, TX, submitted these two amazing photos, and more importantly, told the story of how Borden has impacted her family.

Andrea’s immediate family has committed a stunning 90+ years of their lives to working at Borden, and will forever be a valued part of the Borden family and community. Let’s listen to Andrea’s story about her father’s life as a proud Borden employee…

If there ever was a person who represented the Borden brand wholeheartedly, it was this man, my father, Pete Alvarez…He was an independent Borden distributor for over 50 years and woke up (early) every day loving his job! His work ethics were something that is unheard of in this day and age. As you can see from the pictures, this spanned a lifetime.

In one picture, he is representing the construction of the new Beaumont, Texas plant. Decades later, he was still “the Milkman” in Orange, Texas. Loved by all his stores, and always happy to see the same faces day after day. He delivered Borden milk until he could no longer get in and out of the truck.

Even though he passed in 2011, I still run across people in Orange, Texas that smile when they remember the milkman! Famous words…”Mr. Pete, gimme a chocolate!”. I would like to add that my brother, Rod Alvarez, is also a Borden Distributor. He could rival my Dad in years as he has been a milkman for over 40 years. So, yes! My Daddy was the Milkman!

Vintage poster advertising one of Elsie’s many stops on her cross-country tour

Andrea also included a great piece of vintage memorabilia: a relic from Elsie’s cross-country “tour” in the 1950s and 1960s inviting Borden drinkers to meet Elsie The Cow and her Twins in person at the Barn Boudoir in Beaumont, TX. The event also featured a “Name-The-New-Plant” contest that awarded the winner $300 in government bonds or 5 valuable shares of Borden Company stock!

We can’t thank you enough for the submission, Andrea, and we’ll be forever indebted to your father, Pete, for his 50+ years of loyal service to the Borden family, as well as your brother, Ron. 90+ years of combined service to the Borden family, amazing!!!