NEW: Instantly send recipes to your phone!

We just unveiled a new feature that we know you are going to love! We all love Borden’s delicious ingredients and finding new, creative ways to integrate them into our meals. However, all that creativity can lead to some pretty lengthy ingredient lists, and even the sharpest Borden lover can forget an item or two from time-to-time.

Our latest feature eliminates this problem – you can now have any Borden recipe instantly sent to your phone with the click of a button! Simply enter your phone number, confirm it once, and have any Borden recipe sent instantly to your phone.

The recipe text you’ll receive includes everything you’ll need: instructions, ingredients, and a photo so you know exactly what you’re shopping for.

Next time you head to the store, be prepared with a recipe text from Borden! Visit our Recipes section to test out the new feature today, and remember to stay #HealthyWithElsie!