Elsie The Cow has her own…fashion line?!

Here at Borden Dairy, we believe very strongly in animal rights, so when Elsie pitched the idea to start her very own fashion line, we were all ears! Sure, we hadn’t seen much “bovine fashion” in the past 😁, but we’ve never been afraid to try new things!

Today, we launched the official Elsie The Cow Merchandise store, featuring hundreds of products made from your choice of 15 designs. Simply pick the design, and choose from hundreds of different products that will feature that design. Some of our favorite designs include:

Elsie Vintage
Spilt Milk
Coffee with Cream
Keep Calm and Borden On

Visit the official Elsie The Cow store to customize these designs and almost a dozen others! Who knew that this year’s top fashion trend would be “cow chic?!”