Elsie lives on! Visit the new ‘Memorabilia’ section

Elsie’s remarkable popularity is no secret, and Elsie-lovers throughout the country (and the world) have become collectors of some very, very cool pieces of Borden’s history.

Our new Memorabilia page is completely powered by you! Every week, we’ll feature one of the many vintage memorabilia items sent to us through our online submission form, and the lucky submitter will get a personal mention on Elsie’s social media accounts as well as a permanent home on BordenDairy.com. We do this as a small token of appreciation to our fans, and as a nod to their keen ability to seek out the coolest pieces of advertising memorabilia out there!

Some of the standouts from the Memorabilia page include: 

  • 1 Gallon Glass Milk Jug “If it’s Borden’s, it’s got to be good” – Borden pioneered the use of glass milk bottles in 1885, but this relic is still in one piece, a century later!
  • “A Trip Through Space with Elsie The Cow” Flipbook – Elsie the astronaut? Yep, you read right! Almost two decades prior to the history-making American endeavor to the moon in 1969, our favorite mascot, Elsie The Cow, was already making preparations for a journey to space. You’ll have a good laugh paging through this whimsical flipbook as you ponder the feasibility of bovine space adventure.
  • Life-Size Elsie The Cow Statue – How could one not appreciate the merits of a five-foot-tall cow statue? Barry & Lamenda M. from Mississippi found this towering artifact at a local advertising show and couldn’t let such a gem go!

Find these amazing pieces of history and more at our new Memorabilia section! Elsie lives on, and so does her memorabilia!

Have something you think should be on this list? Submit it here!